« At first, what surprised me the most about Orisha, it’s its simplicity. I only have to program my temperature targets and the systems which decisions to take to maintain the targets as efficiently as possible. I was able to go on a vacation with peace of mind, knowing Orisha takes care of everything, and if I need to, I have easy access to my greenhouses with my phone and get alerts if anything comes up. »

- Julia Janson, La ferme des Quatre-Temps (Hemmingford)​​

« The Orisha climate control system has given me the extra help I needed during my season. Easy to install and start-up, the day-to-day use is user-friendly and the after-sales service is LOCAL! Never without my Orisha. »

- Karine Vachon, Les jardins du Bois de l’Ail (Saint-Flavien, Lotbinière)​

« We have 3 greenhouses and the Orisha climate control system allows us to save time and brings us some peace of mind. We are very satisfied with the product and the customer service. 10/10! »

-Gert Janssens, Ferme d'ORée - Ferme Côté Jardin (Cookshire-Eaton, Estrie)

« Thanks to climate control, I noticed a decrease in the number of diseases. Irrigation with tensiometers helped to grow better quality crops. Automating my side openings saved me a lot of time (managing those manually is quite a pain). It gives me a lot more control over the climate, especially during spring and fall. Even better with the wind module! The Orisha team also has great customer service! I always get a fast and thorough answer, and they solve my problems immediately. It’s an amazing investment. I wouldn’t go back. »

- Jean-Michel, La Gauloise Ferme Maraîchère (Sainte-Monique, Centre-du-Québec)