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Turn Key Option
Orisha Kit 3.11

Created jointly with agronomists to provide you with the best expertise, the Orisha kit is like a virtual assistant for your greenhouse.

It includes the central controller and the app to remotely control your greenhouse. 
You can customize your kit by adding as many equipments as desired to automate. 

The price ranges vary only according to the number of equipment you will automate. To help you carry out your project, a wide range of grants and subsidies are available for you.

Option 1

Rental Option
Be the first to grow!

We are aware that making a greenhouse profitable takes time. That's why we offer you the possibility of renting the Orisha automation service with minimum monthly payment.


There's no additional costno minimum time limit and a lifetime warranty. We strongly believe in the quality of our product and we know that for you, freedom is priceless. Contact our team for more details.


You already have a Orisha kit?
You want to add sensors and devices to your kit?

Contact us today,
Get a quote tomorrow!

Our team will contact you to start your project.
Thank you for your trust.

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