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How Jean-Michel simplifies his greenhouse management with Orisha

At Orisha, we strive to have a positive impact on our customers. To do this, we asked Jean-Michel to tell us about his experience with our greenhouse control system.

We thought his story might help other growers who are wondering if automation can help them with greenhouse management.

If you have any questions about how automation can help you, give us a call! We're here to guide you through the process.

"We have a small vegetable farm of 1/3 of a hectare, in the center of Quebec, where we grow about 40 vegetables for organic baskets. In the beginning, we had two greenhouses in addition to the field, as growing space. It wasn't that big, but the management of the greenhouses was a source of stress that became more and more demanding.

If you are not there when the wind picks up, or forget about the panels when the temperature changes, there can be significant consequences on the yield and quality of the vegetables.

We had to constantly leave the field or our other priority tasks to go manage the greenhouse panels. For us, this became an unnecessary waste of time. The mental burden of manually controlling the greenhouses became very heavy: the ever-present fear of forgetting to close or open the panels is stressful! If you forget, the consequences are on your shoulders. Leaving the land to go to dinner with friends was never that light of a mind! Time and stress management has become quite overwhelming, let's say.

It was our Climax consultant who directed us to Orisha, a local company, for the automation and management of our greenhouses.

This is the third season we have been running Orisha and the biggest change is the quality of life. We are noticing healthier vegetables, less disease, and we can stretch our seasons by 2-3 weeks.

Jean-Michel daughter's picking up tomatoes inside the greenhouse automated by Orisha
Juliette - Gauloise Farm

Curious to know how his system works? Make an appointment with us for a demonstration and the answer to all your questions.

Since I can control everything remotely, I can go out with friends without stressing, and I save valuable time in my day. Plus, the app allows me to always be on the lookout for a graph that shows exactly what's happening in the greenhouse for very efficient management. We were able to add the third greenhouse, without having to hire an employee. We can now produce more while having better greenhouse management, so even though it takes a little longer for the vegetables to grow in the field, we still have diversified baskets.

At Orisha, the contact is direct, fast, they listen to our needs and adjust according to them.

The after-sales service is very efficient and human, we feel that they are with us in the game, and they are people who come to the field. They have a long-term vision, an ideal to reach, and they rely on the producers to modify and program. They try to help us to the best of their knowledge. Beyond the automation system, I truly feel supported."

It's really a must, automation, I don't understand why not do it!


Does Jean-Michel's story speak to you? Automating your greenhouse will improve your quality of life. Ask for a quote and see how we can help you!

Jean-michel's happy family inside the greenhouse using Orisha to manage the greenhouse.
The Guertin family - Gauloise Farm

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