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Greenhouse subsidies applicable in Quebec

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

A multitude of programs exists to support greenhouse agriculture. We have put together a list of programs of interest to Quebec producers. This list is provided as an indication only and does not include all available programs. Furthermore, it is possible that the programs presented in this list are no longer available.

MAPAQ offers for each administrative region an advisory service to guide farmers through the maze of government programs. We strongly suggest that you make use of it.

1. Ministerial Initiative for Greenhouse and Large Tunnel Development

This program allows you to finance the construction of greenhouses and large tunnels or the improvement of existing facilities (automation, new heating equipment, etc.). You could finance 60% of the project up to a maximum of $50,000. There are details to consider, we invite you to consult this page. (French only).

2. Financial Assistance Program for Greenhouse Development

This program was introduced in 2020 to finance greenhouse projects of more than 3 million. It finances a maximum of 40% of the total project bill and the amount given must not exceed 40% of the electricity bill over 8 years of the project. For more information, please visit this page (French only).

3. Plant Productivity" Departmental Initiative

This initiative aims to increase the productivity of businesses specializing in crop production or beekeeping. It allows the financing of 50 000$ for the improvement of the efficiency of the workforce or agricultural work. For a maximum of 50% of the total amount of the project. It is possible to increase it to 60% under certain conditions. Consult this page for more information (French only).

4. Greenhouse Business Development Program

This program aims to increase the greenhouse area in Quebec and to modernize existing facilities. If you are eligible you could receive 50% of the total amount of your project up to $650,000. This % may increase if you are certified organic or if your project involves electric heating. Consult this page for more information.

5. Prime-vert: program to improve irrigation water use (measure 4304)

This program aims to reduce water use in agriculture. It is therefore relevant for all that touches the irrigation systems in greenhouses such as the acquisition of irrigation sensors, automation, leak prevention and others. It can finance 70% of your project and up to 90% under certain conditions. Consult this page to see if you qualify.

6. Territory: Succession, entrepreneurship and small businesses

This program aims to help the next generation of farmers and to encourage the consolidation of small agricultural businesses. These two components of the program offer 40% of expenses up to $20,000. The offers can be improved according to your administrative region. Consult this page.

7. Condensing Unit Heaters Grant

This program is designed to reduce energy waste. You can receive 1700$ for the replacement of a standard unit heater with a condensing unit heater. Here is the link.

8. Investment and Innovation Tax Credit (ITC)

This program entitles you to a grant that can cover 20-40% of the purchase cost for a greenhouse automation system.

9. Investment and Growth Program (IGP)

Components 2 and 4 of this program may allow you to finance up to 15% of the purchase cost of a greenhouse automation system.

If you're from Ontario, New Brunswick or Nova Scotia and wish to know about subsidies in your area, you can check our website for more details.

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