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Greenhouse Monitoring & Control Systems




Easily gain the agronomic expertise you need with the Orisha software. Thanks to artificial intelligence you'll have a better control over your greenhouse and your yields.

Orisha greenhouse automation controller on Iphone and computer
Orisha web app on tablet
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Save time

Make sure you no longer need to run outside in the wee hours of the morning!

Entrust the management of your greenhouse to Orisha. Easy to install, with efficient configuration and reliable alerts. Save time and control everything from the comfort of your home.

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Save energy cost

Feeling the energy crisis?
Don't sweat it, you got this!

Orisha artificial intelligence adapt the settings to the true needs of your plants. With this precise control you will be able to save at least 30% on energy cost each year!

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Risk free

Stop compromising, start optimizing!

Guaranteed for life with an unlimited duration, the Orisha rental service is now available. Our team of experts has quick access to your greenhouse thanks to remote service. You will no longer need to wait days for an appointment with a technician. 

Automated Systems

  • HAF Fans

  • Positive/negative pressure vents

  • Heaters

  • Irrigation

  • CO2

  • Side Curtains

  • Roof Openings

  • Misting Systems

  • Fan Heaters for Biomass

  • Thermal screens

Little girl picking tomato by hand in a automated greenhouse by Orisha Automation System