Greenhouses Monitoring and Control Systems

Created and approved by agronomists!

Orisha monitoring and control system can automate temperatureirrigation and humidity to offer more time and freedom to every market gardener! With this cutting-edge technologies, small scale farmers from all around the world can now get a better control and better yields. Our systems integrate artificial intelligence to allow a very precise control.

This artificial intelligence transforms Orisha into a hard worker who works for you 24 hours a day, every day. This virtual assistant takes care of your greenhouse for you and adapts its control settings to your installations to get the most out it. You can build and customized your own orisha kit.

Market gardeners in the fields
Cultivation of cucumber in greenhouse smart farm
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Save time and energy
Increase your productivity

Reduce the risk of diseases 

The Orisha software offers you the peace of mind you deserve. Our artificial intelligence team is working hard to improve the app in order to stay up to date on your needs. The app allows you to remotely control the systems of your greenhouse. You can follow in real time what is happening inside out. It can take action on its own depending on external factors and your commands. You can have a look at all the benefits of the Orisha system here.

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Easy to use
Easy to install

The Orisha hardware, is very user friendly and easy to install. All of our controllers are wireless and connected to wifi, which allows you to control your greenhouse from the comfort of your home. All the wireless sensors communicate within a 250 feet radius. This unique Orisha technology offers you the best in equipment and automation gear. This brain can also manage as many greenhouses you want! Why?

ORISHA Virtuel Assistant

Application created jointly with agronomists.

Greenhouse management program on cellphone, iphone, samsung
Orisha Virtuel Assistant on macbook, computer, cellphone and iphone


Get your greenhouse at you fingertips!

Humidity sensor, temperature sensor, solar sensor, rain sensor, wind sensor, tensiometers, captors
Central controleur in the Orisha kit
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Automated Systems

In order to have a better reading and better predictions of the influencing factors inside out of your greenhouses, different sensors are available to you. Where to start?
You also have the opportunity to automate any devices you have in your greenhouses to control them remotely. Even better, you can let your Orisha virtual assistant take the necessary actions to manage everything for you. Here are some sensors and devices that Orisha automates for you, depending on your needs.

  • HAF Fans

  • Positive/negative pressure vents

  • Heaters

  • Irrigation

  • Side Curtains

  • Roof Openings

  • Misting Systems

  • Tensiometers

  • Solar Captors

  • Wind Captors

  • Rain Captors

  • Temperature Captors

Created & Approved by Agronomists



Artificiel Intelligence Specialist

After successfully getting our mad scientist out, he quickly explains what the Orisha systems does and how they work. Since this first field trip, he always wants to come.

Elisabeth Gardin


Les Jardins d'Élisabeth

A few words on the efficiency of Orisha's automation systems. How easy it is to save time by remotely controlling the greenhouse.

Here is a short explanatory video of what Orisha can do for you. We believe in simplicity, innovation, service and customer support. We want to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Greenhouse monitoring & control system



We work for you, with you.

More than 290 greenhouses and more than 150 customers trust us to automate their greenhouse systems. We work with them every day to constantly improve our offers. The app is developed and adapted to the specific needs of users and certified agronomists. We make improvements every month with advice and requests from customers. We work for you, with you. We offer many discounts and packages according to the seasons and adapt to your situation. Orisha wants to be present for all market gardeners and become the reference in terms of greenhouse efficiency.

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Map of all the Orisha clients around the world
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