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Q: My Orisha system is not displaying the correct program. For example: it indicates the night program while it is daytime. What is going on?


  • Is the time of the system properly synchronized? You can synchronize it with your device by going to the Ferme menu and then clicking on the time displayed.

  • Have the farm's geographic coordinates been entered correctly? You can modify them in the Ferme menu by clicking on “modifier” at the top right.


Q: My roll-up (or opening side) no longer works. What is going on?


  • The motor may have overloaded. In this case, the multifunction box will protect the motor by cutting off the power to the motor. To reactivate the power supply to the motor, disconnect and reconnect the multifunction unit.

  • Make sure that one of the limit switches does not block the motor. If so, readjust them.

  • Make sure that the motor fuse (see image below) is not burnt out by switching it with one of the replacement fuses supplied with the system.

  • Make sure that there is current in the multifunction box.

Q: I can no longer access the app. What is going on?


  • Make sure that you have an Internet access from your home connection. If you no longer have an Internet connection, you can connect using the emergency connection. See procedure here.

  • There is a power outage. 

  • The central controller has failed. Disconnect, wait 5 seconds, then reconnect the controller. Wait 5 minutes for the controller to restart the app. If the problem persists, call technical support.


Q: How does the Orisha grower assistant manage temperature and humidity?

A: This document will help you understand the details of how the Orisha grower assistant works: How climate control works

Q: The tensiometer indicates an abnormally high or low water content. What is going on?

A: The troubleshooting section of these documents will help you fix this problem: Irrometer tensiometers (Support > Documents on our website).


Q: Why does the Orisha system use the humidity deficit for climate management? What is a humidity deficit?

A: This document will help you get a better understanding of the humidity deficit, its effect on plants and how Orisha uses it: Orisha, humidity and healthy plants.


Q: How do I change the batteries in the temperature and humidity sensor?

A: Replace the batteries with standard C alkaline batteries. The batteries are located in the compartment under the sensor.