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Tomorrow's Agriculture Starts Today!

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The Way to Grow

Our mission is to make agriculture greener by facilitating access to advanced technologies that improve yields.

Our vision is a prosperous and sustainable humanity. Several farmers are already reinventing an agriculture where sustainable practices and better yields meet. We want to accelerate this movement by making advanced agricultural technologies accessible. Our artificial intelligence as been created jointly with agronomists to provide you with the best expertise. To help you reach your goals, have a look at the grants and subsities available for you.

We value innovation, progress and simplicity. Nothing is more important to us than the customer experience. in order to create something new and meeningfull we murge all of those aspects in a way that make them fun, user friendly, efficient and unique.




Guillaume Lambert, Co-Fonder Orisha
Pierre-Alexandre Papillon, Co-Fonder, CFO Orisha
Roxanne Bétournay, CMO Orisha
Charles Joachim, CTO Orisha
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Guillaume Lambert

Co-Fonder & Visionary

Guillaume is a graduate in software engineering. There's no one more tenacious than him when it comes to solving problems or learning a new trick of tightrope walking. Come talk to him and he will be able to talk to you for hours about functional programming, entrepreneurship, futur projects  and greenhouse production. He is the visionary and the eternal dreamer.

Pierre-Alexandre Papillon

Co-Fonder, CFO & Connoisseur

A graduate in agronomy, Pierre-Alexandre worked as a research assistant in precision irrigation and as a production manager in greenhouses. He is a freak of organization and simplicity. Its ultimate objective: To make a significant contribution to the development of local agriculture. To win him over, you have to speak the language of music and technologie.

Roxanne Bétournay

CMO & Battery Pack

Study in Dynamic Entrepreneurship at UQAM and certified in Entrepreneur-ship and management at ULAVAL. Roxanne is our agent for the conquest of the world and our own little battery pack. She is creative, passionate and hardworking. She's in charge of communications between the brains and the artists of the Orisha team. The way to her heart is to talk about climbing and dancing.

Charles Joachim

CTO & Geek

After completing his Bachelor’s in physics and his master’s degree in medical physics, Charles became Orisha’s embodiment of efficiency and scientific wonder, Charles is a true problem-solver and is one of the most perfectionnist and grounded person you’ll ever meet. Although he might not be the most social of the Orisha family, you can warm him up with talks of music, programming or pastries !

Our Partners

Futurpreneur Canada
Quebec city
Organic Farming Online
Quatre Temps Farm, vegetable and  organic farm.
Tessier greenhouses manufacturer
Startup Accelerator and Innovation engine
Elisabeth Garden, farm
Prime-Vert subsidies
Entrepreneurship at University of Laval
Apollo 13, Business incubator and startup accelerator

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Simple for you, simple for your customers
Increase income with Orisha
  • No inventory management.
  • Access to an integrated tool for quotes and purchase orders.
  • Training and supervision of your sales team.
  • Easy increase of income with minimal risk
Customer Service:
  • Proactive support for your customers​.

  • Accurate documentation and powerful troubleshooting tools.

  • Train your technicians for installation and service or use our network of certified installers.​

  • Orisha will take care of the remote technical service through our multi-channel remote access technology.​

Orisha customer service
Orisha performance
  • A product 100% dedicated to greenhouse management.​

  • A product that evolves with the customer and learns from itself to maintain an optimal greenhouse climate.​

  • An intelligent climate management technology based on a target range rather than an intervention threshold for each device.

Choosing Orisha means choosing performance and simplicity

For your customers... and for you !
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