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Our mission is to make agriculture greener by facilitating access to advanced technologies that improve yields.


Our vision is a prosperous and sustainable humanity. Several farmers are already reinventing an agriculture where sustainable practices meet better yields. We want to accelerate this movement by making advanced agricultural technologies accessible.


Our artificial intelligence has been created jointly with agronomists to provide you with the best expertise. To help you reach your goals, have a look at the grants and subsidies available to you.

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Bourgeons de fleurs
Jean-Martin - Market Gardener Institute

Jean-Martin - Market Gardener Institute

Both at the Ferme des Quatre-Temps and at the Jardins de la Grelinette, we have equipped our greenhouses with Orisha systems. For us, it is an investment to use their services!

Justin Bioregal Farm

Justin - Bioregal Farm

We spend just 20% of the time in the greenhouse and yet 80% of our income comes from it. At night, when we close the greenhouse doors, we know we're done for real!

Antoine - Inverness Garden

Antoine - Inverness Garden

We are up to 10% more productive than expected. The Orisha system has also saved my production a few times so far, thanks to the alerts!


Jean-Michel - Gauloise Farm

This is the third season we've been operating with Orisha and the biggest change is the quality of life. We have overall more freedom, noticed healthier vegetables, less diseases, and we can stretch our seasons by 2-3 weeks. 


Orisha Is super easy to use! The contact is direct, fast, they listen to our needs and adjust accordlingly. 

Guillaume Lambert


Pierre-Alexandre Papillon

Co-Founder & CFO

Roxanne Bétournay


Charles Joachim



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We work for you, with you.

More than 290 greenhouses and more than 150 customers trust us to automate their greenhouse systems. We work with them every day to constantly improve their systems. The app is developed and adapted to the specific needs of users and certified agronomists. We make improvements every month with advice and requests from customers. Orisha wants to become the benchmark in terms of greenhouse efficiency and productivity.

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